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Based in Nottingham, UK

Based in Nottingham, UK

A newlywed couple sits at Goosedale wedding venue in Bestwood Village, Nottingham, gazing lovingly into each other's eyes.
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Your Love Brought To Life Through Timeless Photos You’ll Treasure Forever
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Before you book, we would like you to be confident that you are choosing the right photographer who will meet your requirements and satisfy your expectations. This is why we offer a free consultation to our prospective customers

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Ensure your chosen photographer aligns seamlessly with your vision. At Lloyd Dunkley Photography, we understand the importance of skill, professionalism, personality, and character in crafting your memories. Experience our commitment before you book with a personalised pre-booking shoot.

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I take pride in delivering a courteous and amiable service that ensures a warm and enjoyable experience for every client. With a focus on professionalism and friendliness, I am committed to creating a comfortable atmosphere, fostering trust, and exceeding expectations to make each interaction positively memorable

Your wedding...

A once-in-a-lifetime symphony of love, a culmination of cherished dreams, and the beginning of a new, entwined journey. It is a day that deserves nothing less than the most breathtaking visual narrative. Understanding the weight of this moment, I dedicate myself to not just taking photos, but crafting a gallery of natural, joy-infused images that encapsulate the euphoria as the day unfolds.

With an artist’s touch and a storyteller’s eye, I will be there to preserve the fleeting glances, the shared laughter, and the tears of joy that adorn your special day. These will be the memories you’ll hold dear, captured through a lens of genuine passion and tailored to echo your unique bond.

As the years go by, your bespoke collection of photographs will serve as a timeless portal, continuing to tell your love story for generations to come. There is truly nothing quite as powerful as being whisked back to those moments of heartfelt commitment through the art of photography.

I’d love to tell you more about my unique approach. – Lloyd Dunkley Photography, Nottingham based

Lloyd Dunkley Photography, and groom in embrace on the bridge at Goosedale wedding venue Nottingham
At the Westmill wedding venue in Derby, a confetti shot of the brides dressed in themed black and white dresses, with black-and-white champagne flutes.
Lloyd Dunkley Photography, Bride wearing a white embroidered gown, holding flowers, walks down the stairs towards a wedding ceremony at Bestwood Country Lodge, Nottingham.

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Bride and groom embracing after exchanging vows at Bestwood Lodge and Country Park in Nottingham.

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